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Jamie Primrose is a highly collectable and acclaimed contemporary artist, with past sell-out solo exhibitions to his name, his beautiful artworks in great demand by an ever-growing UK and international clientele.

Edinburgh born, just over a decade ago Primrose returned to his home city following years in London and abroad to follow his passion and become a professional artist in 2003.

Since then Primrose has hosted many highly successful solo art collections in Edinburgh & London, including his outstanding 10th Anniversary Exhibition at prestigious The Dovecot Gallery, Edinburgh in November 2013.

The best selling artist is now regarded as one of Scotland's talented and most prominent painters, creating new collections every year and hosting his own exhibitions, with a waiting list for private and corporate commissions.

N.B. For more details on Primrose's background please scroll down after reading our latest news (see below).



A."Tranquil Destinations" - the collectable artist's latest showcase of over 50 new continental artworks original oil paintings - a glistening journey from London, Provence & The French Riviera to Italy - Liguria, Tuscany & Venice...

Don't miss this beautiful collection (available to view online and in person)- a delightful departure from Primrose's sought-after Scottish works, created for Summer 2017.

With inspiration from summer light and holiday destinations on the continent, initially he offers atmospheric shimmers on The Thames in London as a quick stopover before heading further South. Once in France he showcases verdant vineyards in Provence and sparkling seascapes and sunsets along The Riviera in and around Antibes. Then onto rolling hillsides and olive trees in Tuscany (focusing on the impressive spires of the medieval village of San Gimignano near Siena).

Finally, timeless Venice calls...with glorious glistening reflections at sunrise and sunset in and around The Grand Canal - St.Mark's Square and The Rialto.

***Click here to view the new "Tranquil Destinations" collection***

B.Gorgeous Italian limited edition prints from 'Tranquil Destinations'

As a wonderful alternative to Primrose's investment original oil paintings if you are looking for continental vistas to enjoy, we have just published an exclusive new series of Italian limited edition prints - a few highlights from the "Tranquil Destinations" collection.

These include shimmering reflections in Venice, the vibrant village of Portofino along The Ligurian Coast and the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

View these prints on our seperate limited edition online gallery website here:

Serene Venice

Further Italian highlights

Our limited edition prints are perfect for Christmas presents of for other special occasions in 2017 - to give your family and friends a exclusive luxurious art gift.(Ideal for forthcoming anniversaries, birthdays, weddings.

We have an exclusive range of over 100 prints including Scottish vistas - see more details below, or visit our seperate limited editions online gallery shop.

***Click here to view the full Jamie Primrose limited editions collection on our online gallery shop and enjoy prints online***

C."Luminosity" - the collectable artist's recent showcase of shimmering original artworks of Edinburgh and East Lothian.

Marvel at sparkling, ever-changing light throughout the seasons, glistening through the trees onto the city parklands or the Scottish capital's waterways and nearby East Lothian beaches.

In the Meadows, Inverleith Park and The Royal Botanic Garden enjoy gorgeous soft pink Spring blossom, rich autumn tones and uplifting winter light, including a tranquil water series with reflections on Inverleith Pond, within The Botanics and along The Union Canal (around Polwarth).

Further along the Scottish coast saviour vivid glimpses of Portobello Beach and East Lothian beaches at Seacliff, Yellowcraigs, Tyninghame and North Berwick, including Bass Rock. (See more information below or click on the link)

***Click here to view the new "Luminosity" collection***

D. "Ephemeral Skies" - A further breathtaking series of original oils and Indian inks of Edinburgh are available with a central focus on The Old Town.

Firstly, enjoy sparkling wintry streams of light and vibrant sunset vistas from Calton Hill and the castle esplanade overlooking The Old Town and The Pentlands. Then as a contrast a new range of dramatic, bold skyscapes looking north over Leith and The Firth of Forth. Finally, for the first time an impressive new series of close-up Old Town nocturnes, complementing a selection of striking Indian ink street scenes.

(See more below or view Ephemeral Skies online here)

E. "Inspiring Vistas" - a spectacular range of Edinburgh skyscapes from hill-top vistas in oils are also available from Calton Hill, Blackford Hill and overlooking Arthur's Seat. This is followed by gorgeous seasonal hues (soft spring blossom, rich autumnal hues and sparkling snow) in The Meadows and on Bruntsfield Links.

(See more below or click here to view an Inspiring Vistas PDF slideshow)

A. "Tranquil Destinations"

Although best-known for his depiction of the spectacular Edinburgh landscape throughout the seasons and his sought-after city skyline paintings, Primrose makes a delightful departure from his regular muse.

Inspired by motifs from favourite holiday destinations and the gleaming luminescence of continental light in summertime, this latest new collection showcases his illuminating interpretation of well- known or hidden magical vistas, primarily in France and Italy.

An outstanding, substantial body of work with over 50 stunning new oil paintings, this commences initially with a fleeting snapshot of London (a location favoured as the best-selling painter, as he has lived there previously, and which now offers a regular holiday stopover, before he ventures further south).

With shimmering impressions at dawn and dusk along The Thames looking towards Westminster from different bridges, Primrose skilfully portrays transient, atmospheric light with the contrasting architecture of the City skyline beyond.

Onto a change of colour tones and warmth of France, this is followed by a leisurely meander through the rich, verdant countryside, vineyards and picturesque hill-top villages of Provence. Next, he offers a selection of breathtaking views from the headlands and high villages looking down towards the sparkling sea along the Cote d'Azure and vibrant sunsets skies - from Nice and The Bay of Cannes to Antibes.

For the first time ever, Primrose then captures glorious gems on The Italian Riviera around Portofino and the "Cinque Terre" - an area of dramatic coastal scenery with colourful, characterful fishing villages and pastel- hued houses rising up from the Mediterranean along the Ligurian Coast.

Meanwhile further inland, soaking up the glistening sun, with its lush, flourishing hues in the rolling landscape and vineyards of Tuscany resplendent in mid-summer, Primrose focuses on the famous medieval village and imposing towers of San Gimignano near Siena - with impressive views from late afternoon towards sundown.

Finally, the timeless allure of Venice is the focus of the last series by the acclaimed artist - with a superb substantial series of atmospheric sunrise, evening and twilight showcase pieces with glistening light reflections onto the majestic architecture and waterways in and around The Grand Canal and St. Marks - brings this fabulous unmissable collection to a close.

***Click here to view the new "Tranquil Destinations" collection***

N.B. Viewing Original Paintings Direct with the artist - studio appointment or home visit.

There is currently a beautiful selection of these original works available at the moment.

If any of these paintings are of further interest (perhaps you are treating yourself, have a special occasion coming up, or are refurbishing at home and wish a showcase artwork to finish off a room), please get in touch (see contact details shortly below).

You are welcome to choose your favourite artworks (by title) from our website. If you are in Edinburgh (or the surrounding areas) we will happily arrange for you to see them in person for a closer look in the artist's Stockbridge studio by appointment (directions to be advised), or in your own home (ideal for trying different pieces out in situ and a personal visit by the artist) - when it's convenient for you shortly.

If you are elsewhere in the UK/around the world, we can supply you with sharp, high resolution images for your further consideration. We ship paintings within the UK and worldwide all the time. Please get in touch for more details and contact Mari Primrose, who is happy to help further and arrange this

e: mari@jamieprimrose.com

t: 0131 446 9510
m: 07947 243 418

B. Limited Edition Prints (more from above) -

Give a beautiful exclusive limited edition print as a special art gift in 2017.

We have an exclusive limited edition prints collection, which includes selected highlights from Primrose's past 'original' paintings - which we have then created and published as prints.

Our high quality prints make luxurious, memorable and thoughtful presents for a loved one, friend or family member, which would be treasured for years to come.

Our prints allow you to enjoy or gift Primrose's beautiful work on a different price level to his originals and these are sought after artworks by the highly acclaimed Scottish painter.

These are individually 'made to order,' are proofed personally by the artist and come in editions of 195 for exclusivity, with a certificate of authenticity as a guarantee - either unframed or in a beautiful hand-crafted frame* (see note on framed prints at the bottom of this section).

N.B.In addition to the beautiful Italian prints from 'Tranquil Destinations' mentioned above, if you are looking for another type of artwork perhaps, we have a gorgeous collections of over 100 limited edition prints featuring gorgeous Scottish vistas - including our Edinburgh and East Lothian best-sellers.

You'll be sure to find a favourite new or inspiring artwork for your home or as a special gift.

Edinburgh: From Inverleith and Meadows Spring blossom, autumnal hues and wintry vistas, to striking Old Town monochromes, vivid city skylines and reflections on The Union Canal.

East Lothian; Then onto shimmering East Lothian beaches - Tyninghame, North Berwick and Bass Rock plus more.

***Click here to view the full Jamie Primrose limited editions collection on our online gallery shop and enjoy prints online***

We also offer free hand delivery of all our lovely framed prints within EH postcodes. Please get in touch for more details and contact Mari Primrose, who is happy to help further.

e: mari@jamieprimrose.com
t: 0131 446 9510
m: 07947 243 418

C."Luminosity" (more from above)

"Primrose has an incredible feel for the light of his native Edinburgh and East Lothian"(Sunday Times)

This gorgeous originals collection was recently created to celebrate the talented artist's special 30th solo exhibition at The Dundas Street Gallery in Edinburgh. Since 2004 the acclaimed painter has created and hosted outstanding new original artwork shows there regularly.

In this gorgeous collection, the highly collectable artist draws inspiration from the transient nature of light, with a focus on 'shimmering reflections' in Edinburgh and East Lothians.

From sparkling light glimmering through trees onto city parklands or glistening onto a few of the Scottish capital's waterways or nearby beaches, Primrose beautifully captures the unique, changing light.

In his first mini series, he skilfully depicts the seasonal transition and evolving natural elements in The Meadows, Inverleith Park and The Royal Botanic Garden. Initially, he showcases gorgeous spring-time flourishes in delicate hues and soft pink blossom in his impressionistic palette.

This is followed by richer, warmer autumnal tones or uplifting winter light flickering through the trees creating patterns onto the parklands and pathways.

Next, a tranquil water series emerges with seasonal reflections on Inverleith Pond, within the Botanics and along The Union Canal around Polwarth - with serene late afternoon light impressions onto stunning watery vistas.

Then in a more contrasting and vibrant palette, the acclaimed artist reveals glimpes of vivid sunrise and sunsets at Portobello Beach, before venturing further along the coast to nearby East Lothian bays. Tempestuous wintry weather brings about dramatic cloud formations here - with sweeps of breathtaking glistening beaches at Seacliff, Yellowcraigs, Gullane, Tyninghame and North Berwick, including Bass Rock.

These diverse locations and mini series cohesively combine Primrose's favourite natural motifs and portray his personal interpretation of 'shimmering reflections.' His gorgeous new oil paintings highlight his fascination for capturing 'luminosity,' whilst evoking a meditative, calming mood for the viewer to enjoy this unmissable new showcase.

***Click here to view the new "Luminosity" collection***

D."Ephemeral Skies" - (more from above)

Primrose turned his attentions to the moody atmosphere of Edinburgh’s Old Town as inspiration for the centerpieces of his summer 2016 exhibition.

Firstly from Calton Hill overlooking the distinctive silhouette of majestic city spires and south over The Pentlands, he focused on wintry streams of sparkling light through the clouds, uplifting magical vistas and transient skies from late afternoon to twilight.

By revisiting the same motifs over a time lapse (of minutes, hours, days and weeks) he showcased the varying light impressions and atmosphere - with dramatic or ethereal skies becoming vivid powerful sunsets in his evolving palette.

Continuing his bold skyscape studies from a new vantage point on Edinburgh Castle’s ‘Esplanade’, Primrose then offered a selection of gorgeous ephemeral winter sunrises and sunsets, once again towards The Pentlands, this time with a dusting of snow on their peaks.

Next and in contrast looking north towards Leith and The Firth of Forth (with glimpses of Fife or East Lothian in the distance) a stunning range of wintry artworks portrayed the ever-changing Scottish weather and patterns of light with snow and storm clouds at last light.

Finally, as well as his recurring motifs in his spectacular city panoramas, for the first time Primrose presented a series of close-up nocturnes of chosen Old Town views in oils. With a keen interest in Edinburgh’s historical heritage - from dark, atmospheric winding streets to uplifting hidden vistas at dusk, his paintings exude a timeless and serene quality. Together with an array of striking monochrome Indian ink street scenes, these evocative Old Town oils beautifully complemented this eagerly awaited collection by the collectable artist.

***Click here to view the Ephemeral Skies collection***

E."Inspiring Vistas" - (more from above)

Eighteen months ago, Primrose created a wonderful new collection of further Edinburgh oils - a very small selection are still available.

Firstly, this began with a dramatic suite of glorious, vivid winter sunsets in swathes of rich textured colour with the bold iconic city silhouette beyond.

These were breathtaking expressionistic vibrant skyscapes looking towards the Scottish capital - spectacular, powerful skyline panoramas from hill-top vistas at last light: from Calton Hill, Blackford Hill, The Pentlands and Arthur’s Seat.

Next the acclaimed artist explored the diverse seasonal hues and ephemeral moods in The Meadows and on Bruntsfield Links. From soft pink spring blossom, warm autumnal emerald tones, to clear winter skies and sparkling snow patterns in an impressionistic palette, Primrose evocatively depicted early morning and late afternoon glimmers of light through the trees and gorgeous landscape Meadows vistas.

***Click here to view a PDF slideshow of the "Inspiring Vistas" collection***


i. Major 10th Anniversary Exhibition at Dovecot Studios "Reflections on a city" in November 2013 - an overwhelming success (see more below)

View evocative Edinburgh paintings from "Reflections on a city" 10th Anniversary Exhibition (see more below)

ii. Enjoy delights from Primrose's special retrospective of inspiring destinations (outwith Edinburgh vistas), from June 2013 including magical glimpses of Central & South America to tranquil Scottish East & West Coasts.(see more below)

i. "Reflections on a city" major 10th Anniversary Exhibition - an overwhelming success (more from above)

In November 2013 Primrose celebrated his 10th Anniversary as an acclaimed artist by creating an extensive major solo collection of Edinburgh paintings for the vast and beautiful Dovecot Studios.

This was an outstanding high profile showcase with over 300 people attending on the private view evening alone, and over 50 original artworks snapped up, achieving critical acclaim. The artist was then booked out for painting commissions for the next year.

This special 10th Anniversary Exhibition was Primrose's largest ever collection of new atmospheric oils and Indian inks to date.

These sought-after works celebrated Primrose's passion for Edinburgh, exploring his emotional relationship with locations from his past and present, which uncovered a rich depth of meaning and sense of awareness.

These works included stunning Edinburgh vistas, ethereal autumnal hues and winter light on The Meadows, Arthur's Seat and the Old Town to Inverleith, Stockbridge and the New Town, plus shimmering reflections on The Water of Leith and Union Canal.

Click here to view the exhibition catalogue and stunning Edinburgh paintings from 'Reflections on a city".

ii. Enjoy delights from retrospective collection (stunning destinations from the first 10 years - more from above)

Following the success of Primrose's special retrospective exhibition in Summer 2013, you can still enjoy this stunning collection of inspiring destinations, explored and painted during his first decade (2003-2013) as a professional artist - all outwith Edinburgh vistas.

This is a rare chance to see magical glimpses of Primrose’s early works - vibrant, colourful abstract Central and South American landscapes and waterscapes, which portray his initial and ongoing fascination with the fleetingness of light.

This remarkable destinations collection provides a wonderful insight into the acclaimed artist’s diversity and his personal and physical journey over the years 2003-2013.

View magical glimpses of Central & South America, France & Italy, atmospheric London to tranquil Scottish East & West Coasts online.

***Click here to view Primrose's inspiring destinations***

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1. Introduction to the Artist

Jamie Primrose is one of Scotland's most collectable and acclaimed contemporary artists.

Having hosted over 30 successful solo exhibitions in Edinburgh and London since he became a professional artist in 2003, the talent artist was shortlisted for the JoLomo award in 2007 for his outstanding paintings of the Scottish landscape, and has gained critical acclaim:

"Primrose has had astonishing success with his atmospheric paintings"
(prestigious UK- wide Galleries Magazine)

"Primrose has a growing reputation and an ever-expanding band of collectors snapping up his work"
(The Herald)

Primrose is dedicated to his craft working in painterly oils and monochrome Indian inks and mixed media.

He is fascinated by the transient nature of light, exploring the effect on land and seascapes at dawn and dusk. In his work he captures luminosity and atmosphere - his beautiful paintings exuding a wonderful ethereal quality.

N.B. For more about Jamie's background, his artworks, artist statement and selected press acclaim, please click on our "About the Artist" tab above.

2. A very personal service

Viewing artworks and purchasing direct from an acclaimed artist is a wonderful, memorable 'experience'. By talking to and dealing with Jamie in person, you gain a very rare and special insight into the essence of or feeling behind your chosen painting/s first-hand.

Jamie works closely in an expert team with his wife and business partner Mari (Primrose), offering outstanding personal service and truly valuing each and every client who follows, appreciates and purchases his work.

Together the Primroses always go out of their way to make viewing and purchasing a beautiful work highly enjoyable for you. This is a reason so many clients return again and again to collect his artworks - as well as owning stunning pieces to enhance their homes and gain great pleasure for years to come!

Our clients also make an excellent investment - as the best-selling artist's original works have in the past and continue to increase in value every year as his reputation continues to grow.

We will help you find exactly the right piece you are looking for, or you may commission an artwork - a special personal painting to bring you and your family great enjoyment.

N.B. For more details on commissioning work, please see below.

3. Commissioning a special artwork

It is very special to commission a unique original painting by a collectable artist and Jamie works very closely with clients to create a memorable and personal artwork, which will be treasured for a life-time.

Commissions may be in colourful oils or monochrome Indian inks - a wonderful painting of your own house, street or town, a favourite cityscape, skyline, seascape or beach in the UK or memorable vista from a holiday abroad.

Past commissions range from stunning Scottish seascapes and beaches from the East and West Coasts, highland lochs and landscapes and river cities, skylines and streets of Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Paris and Venice, plus many destinations further afield.

N.B. Primrose is now fully booked for new private and corporate commissions until the end of 2017. He is taking on a series of new commissions for early 2018 and beyond. (Spaces for these are limited).

For more details (on prices timescales and procedures), please contact Mari Primrose, who is very happy to help.

e: mari@jamieprimrose.com
t: 0131 446 9510
m: 07947 243 418

4. Impressive artworks for the office

Whether you wish to make an art investment with Primrose's original paintings or prefer to furnish your office space cost-effectively with a stunning selection of limited edition prints, the acclaimed artist's showcase works have the ‘wow’ factor and are ideal to enhance corporate environments and office spaces beautifully.

With his distinctive trademark atmospheric style they create the perfect, welcoming and uplifting ambiance, impactful décor and the right impression for staff, customers or clients.

These artworks can be co-ordinated into mini collections to suit different office areas by tone and colour, content or theme, location or framing. The link to an acclaimed painter will benefit your company's prestige as Primrose’s reputation as a prominent contemporary Scottish artist continues to thrive.

N.B. For a free office consultation for original paintings or limited edition prints, or more details, please contact Mari Primrose on the details above.

5. Convenient payment for paintings - interest-free instalment plan

We offer a convenient interest-free instalment plan on all original paintings to help you spread the cost of your painting/s over a longer lead time if you wish.

You only need to pay an initial deposit for your artwork, then pay up the rest in agreed monthly standing order instalments (usually over 6 or 12 months, although we can also tailor this to what suits you best).

This is naturally interest-free and is very quick and easy for us to arrange - a great service used by many happy clients!

Thank-you for visiting our website. Please call again soon - we look forward to your hearing from you. Jamie & Mari Primrose.

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